Chad Henne Can Cook


Call me a homer but I’ve always been a fan of former University of Michigan and current Miami Dolphins Quarterback Chad Henne.  And now, I’m a bigger fan.  My man can cook.  I may be several months behind the times but back in February while on Rachael Ray’s pointless talk show he outcooked Carolina Panthers LB Jon Beason and New York Giants OT Kareem McKenzie.  The fact that it happened on Rachael Ray’s show would explain why I am so late to hear about this culinary triumph.   

Henne at the Big House. You know, before Rich Rod ruined it.

His winning dish of grilled steak, asparagus, and potatoes would be highly approproiate for Memorial Day.   It looks pretty basic (also, that steak looks like it could be bloodier) but also pretty tasty.  Word is he threw a plate to Adrian Arrington but he dropped it.

Chad Henne's winning dish.

Too bad there wasn’t a cook-off against Troy Smith instead of getting drubbed by Ohio State every year.  Oh well.  Next for Chad, to take on Coolio in a celebrity cook-off.  Or to quit football to host a game show.