Foreign Pizza is Weird


I don’t like base Epic Portions off of posts from but when I saw Pizza Hut Middle East’s new Crown Crust Pizza, I had to share it.  I knew I could find a bit information on it.  The crust has little pockets filled with meatballs and balls of Philadelphia-brand cream cheese.  Apparently the purpose of the cream cheese is to be spread all over the pizza.  That doesn’t even sound good.

Pizza Hut Crown Pizza

Like a real G, I managed to locate a picture from a food blogger in Kuwait.  Like a real G, I said.

Pizza Hut Crown Pizza

Can’t figure out why anyone would want to slather their pizza in cream cheese and enjoy a meatball or two to wash down all those olives.  I guess it can’t be worse than the 12 Cones Pizza, which is filled with creamed “crabsticks” , shrimps and pineapple slices.  If you’re currently in the Philippines, what are you waiting for?  Go get one!  Thanks to Genejosh, Epic Portions’ correspondent based in the Philippines, for this delicious picture.

12 Cones Pizza - Pizza Hut

By the way, Genejosh does not work for Epic Portions.  In fact, I doubt she even knows we exist.  I just stole that last picture from her.  Hope she doesn’t mind!