The Hundred Layer Lasagna

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I felt a little bad for exposing you to Tios’ “World Famous” Wet Burrito yesterday, so when I came across a link that simply stated “100 Layer Lasagna”, I saw it as an opportunity to make that up to you. recently did a report on the 100 Layer Lasagna that was created by Chef Mark Ladner at Del Posto, which is owned by Mario Batali(shocker).

It’s really, really simple,” says Mark Ladner about his hundred-layer lasagne. Yes, that’s 100 layers: 50 practically transparent sheets of handmade pasta, alternating with 50 layers of sauce (Bolognese, besciamella, and marinara). Each 80-portion pan has to go into the oven by 1:30 P.M. every day. Otherwise, it doesn’t have enough time to cool and coalesce by dinner and completely collapses when you try to slice it. It takes three kitchen stations and many hands to put it together. Skewers hold it in place while it sets. You need a special spatuala to serve it. Maybe “simple” isn’t the word.

Portions of the structure are currently available on certain tasting menus, with the cheapest one running you about $125.  If you ask for it a la cart, it will supposedly only run you around $30.

For those of you who are completely out of your mind and think this is not one of the more delicious looking creations in the entire world, Tom Colicchio begs to differ.