Tios’ World Famous* Wet Burrito

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Since I am currently in the middle of an intense boycott of Tios’ Mexican Cafe, there has never been a way for me to share with the readers who do not reside in Ann Arbor the absolute horror that is their food.  That ends now.  Some poor soul went and paid $10.00 for one of their world famous* wet burritos and snapped a picture of it.  (thanks uchian)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Tios’ Mexican Cafe’s world famous* wet burrito.

World Famously Terrible

Now all we need is for the Ann Arbor location to go under.  Hmm, wonder if they’ll blame the new location going out of business on Ann Arbor’s economy like they did after the Ypsilanti one closed.  It couldn’t possibly be that the food is awful.  No way.

If you’re unfamiliar with my hatred for Tios Mexican Cafe, I urge you to review the battle archives.

* – denotes bullshit