Epic Product Reviews: Multigrain Pringles

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Before I begin my review of Multigrain Pringles, I would like to acknowledge that we have spoken about Pringles quite often here at EP.  There is precedent for this; for example, Ernest Hemmingway once wrote a little known novel called A Farewell to Pringles.  And did you know that the original title of Tolstoy’s War and Peace was War, Peace, and Pringles?  So now that you are up to date on the noble literary tradition of writing about Pringles, let us explore the new Multigrain version of this mouthwatering muse.

Multigrain Pringles...you are better off puting tennis balls in the can and sharing with your Golden Retriever.

Alliteration aside, I feel I need to begin my review by saying that Multigrain Pringles ARE NOT mouthwatering.  Once every couple months I get a Pringles craving.  When I buy a can, it is usually gone within two days after my wife and son discover it.  So while shopping at Kroger last week, I noticed the addition of Multigrain Pringles to the lineup, and since they were on sale for quite a bargain price I took a chance.  Did I expect them to achieve the deliciousity of Original Pringles, or my favorite, Cheesy Pringles?  No, but I honestly did expect them to be pretty good.  They fell short of even that low expectation.

Maybe it is the fact that they taste so unlike what I expect in a Pringle.  Maybe it is the fact that they are so dramatically inferior to the world’s number one multigrain chip, Sunchips.  But the greatest evidence of their poor taste is the fact that half the can is still in my cupboard after one week.   They aren’t awful, but the only thing I could say after eating one was…why?  What is the point?  Does anyone seek out Pringles when hoping looking for a healthy snack?

You call them, MISTER Sunchips!

I know why Pringles unleashed this culinary disgrace on the market.  Everything is going Multigrain.  Multigrain is the new fat free.  So, we as consumers now have to wade through a new layer of crap when shopping.  Here is a tip:  If a product you know and love is advertising themselves as Multigrain after having a perfectly acceptable product for many years, it is a marketing scam.  Why not try to wring a few extra bucks out of obese America.  We’re all so worried about our weight that we are desperate for anything, even Multigrain Pringles.

I still don’t know why Pringles felt the need to do this.  Yes, yes, I understand marketing and grabbing a slice of the latest fad.  But Pringles already makes fat free diarrhea chips with Olestra.  Notice how they latched on to that fad as well.  Does Frito-Lay even make their disgusting WOW brand chips anymore?

Wow! Now with 33% more abdominal cramping!

So what can I say…avoid Multigrain Pringles.  I did try Original and not the cheesy flavor but I can’t possibly see how fake cheese powder can dramatically improve this product.  Spend an extra buck or two and buy Cheddar Sunchips.  Now if you will excuse me, I am going to return to the latest tome I am reading:  John Steinbeck’s classic, The Pringles of Wrath.