Free Agency – Declined


It is to the credit of our readership, which I have long trumpeted as the most intelligent on the internet, that so many of you did not and do not closely follow the LeBron James saga.  Why follow the egomaniacal exploits of a man whose job it is to throw a ball through a hoop?  I imagine that the lives of those who choose not to immerse themselves in the minutiae of sport are quite often richer than those who get caught up in details of free agency.

I write this because a few of you have wondered to me via e-mail or other media if I really was planning on leaving EP.  That is not the case, but rest assured I really appreciate the concern.  I feigned free agency as a nod to our Cleveland readers, a vocal and devoted group.  I’m sure the spoof was not lost on the vast majority of you.

On a side note, Cleveland is an amazing food town.  Seriously.  Michael Symon has a fantastic restaurant there.  Cleveland boasts an all-grilled cheese cornucopia called MeltAnd Cleveland is also the home of Great Lakes Brewery, something any city would be proud of.  So stay strong Cleveland, even though many of you are Ohio State fans, a little Great Lakes love from Ann Arbor to you.

As penance for this ridiculous ruse, I offer the following:  Six posts in seven nights (can’t do seven, my son has soccer camp and yes, I’m well aware of how that is a cliché but I still have to go and be a good father.  Besides, it’s my fault for immersing him in the World Cup.)  I will begin tomorrow evening with the long awaited Hop Hound review.

There was one obvious clue that I was never going to leave.  In my original post, I stated that I was intrigued by the idea of “writing with other all-stars.”  I already write with an all-star (John) on EP.