Free Agency


As you may or may not know, depending on whether you keep up with the inside dealings of elite food-related websites, my contract with Epic Portions expires at the end of the month.  I will officially be a free agent in a couple of weeks.  

I love EP, I grew up as a food writer here.  This is where my posse lives.  All my local charities are funneled through EP.  To leave my “hometown” web site would be a very difficult thing. 

But having said that, I still feel as if I need to explore all options.  Who is to say that my chances of winning a food writing championship won’t be enhanced by taking my talents elsewhere?  I appreciate being flown to several different cities and shown around their respective offices.  Promises of a new Mac, a corner office, greater artistic freedom, or the chance to write with other all-stars can be intriguing to say the least.  If I were to leave, I would hope that we could work out a “sign and trade” deal that would bring a couple of prospects to EP to help with the rebuilding process.

Fortunately, I’m done with all the wining and dining, and am ready to make my decision.  And to the California website who took me to Guy Fieri’s restaurant, what the hell were you thinking?  Have you even read my stuff?  Sadly, talks fell through for a prime time special on Travel Channel, and I refuse to slum it on Food Network.  So, I’ll make my announcement right here on EP.  Tune in Wednesday night at ten to see if I’ll be staying or plying my wares at another locale.