I Made a Grilled Cheese

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I know I’ve been an absentee bloger lately and I apologize for that.  I would offer you several good excuses, but I don’t really have any.  Not going to make any up either.  I simply needed a little bit of time off.  Eating and then writing about it is really hard work.  You just wouldn’t understand.  It is EXTREMELY stressful at times(actually, not at all).  After a couple weeks of short posts with pictures stolen from the internet, I am back with a short post with a picture that wasn’t stolen off of the internet.

I made a grilled cheese last night.  On this grilled cheese were Kraft singles, turkey, and mayo.  It was really exciting. Actually, it was exciting because this is the first post which will contain a picture taken by my HTC EVO.  It’s pretty much the most amazing piece of technology I’ve ever owned.  This little device is going to allow me to post content more frequently due to a WordPress app that lets me post directly from the phone.  Yes, me and my phone are awesome.

Anyways, on to the grilled cheese.  It was delicious.