Kobayashi Arrested

Competitive Eating

In probably the strangest news ever in competitive eating history, Takeru Kobayashi was arrested yesterday during Coney Island’s Fourth of July hot dog contest and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and trespassing. Kobayashi held out of the event after refusing to sign a contract that restricted his professional eating activities to competitions affiliated with the Major League Eating organization, but decided to attend the event anyway.  After Joey Chestnut won the contest, he jumped on stage and was immediately tackled my security guards and taken to jail.

I’ve always been a Kobayashi fan.  Hell, the man changed competitive eating forever.  Check out the video, though. I feel like the Japanese usually protest a little better than this.  Couldn’t he think of anything better to do than rush the stage after the competition had ended and get all 145 pounds of him whooped and taken off of the stage by the police?  I think it would have been pretty sweet if he somehow crashed into the stage during the competition completely ruining everything.  Bonzzzaaaai!!!!!!!