Lasagna Sandwich

Fat Foods

No one would call any part of the U.K. a haven for great food, but this is sad. 

Something fraudulently called the lasagna sandwich sold in the U.K.

If you are going to make a lasagna sandwich, bring it strong or don’t bring it at all.  I like how this article claims it “rivals even the most fattening American treats.”  This particular lasagna sandwich has 565 calories and 27g of fat.  Seriously?  That’s a light snack.  Check out the JJ Gargantuan.  I love our cousins from across the pond but stick to beer, or at least fish and chips.  Leave the gluttony to the experts.  In the meantime…

Jeremy’s Grossly Simplified Recipe for a Lasagna Sandwich

Step 1:  Make lasagna

Step 2:  Make two slices of garlic bread (use Italian bread)

Step 3:  Cut a slice of lasagna a little larger than the slices of bread.

Step 4:  Assemble sandwich

Step 5:  Consume

That could be really delicious…note to self:  Make lasagna sandwich sometime very soon.