Restaurant Tickets


"I told you, I don't want 9:00 reservations. I want 8:30 reservations!" "Can I get a corner table?" "Do these come with wine?"

Grant Achatz, the chef of Chicago’s Alinea, which is currently ranked as the #10 restaurant in the world by Restaurant Magazine, has come up with a way of making restaurant eating a bit more…stramlined.   Check out the NY Times article where Achatz talks about selling tickets to his new restaurant (instead of taking reservations) as a way of saving money, making restaurant reservations transferable easily (his staff don’t have to do didilly), and taking the awkward food-for-money transactions out of an otherwise excellent evening (How much DO you tip on a $500 bill?).  You basically buy a prix fix meal. Tickets for later in the evening would be cheaper (off-peak tickets), which is sort of equivalent to a matinee show.

Here’s my question:  Would there be scalpers for tickets like this?

This figure ads nothing at all to this post. I just thought this dude was hilarious.

Alinea is booked for months solid.  It’s like that his NEXT Restaurant (the actual name!) will be too.  How much would you pay for a reservation tomorrow?  Craigslist/StubHub?/Ebay would LIGHT UP if this idea catches on.   No matter what happens….Alinea.  I want to go to there.