Uncaging the Chickens…Finally.


For those of you that have seen Food, Inc., or read Fast Food Nation, you may remember pretty horrendous descriptions of how chicken’s are raised in the United States on factory farms.  Antibiotics are typically used primarily because chickens are housed so close together that they can’t actually move around.

This sucks for all us chicken lovers; have you ever had free range chicken?  My goodness gracious it is delicious!  Less stress, hormones, and antibiotics makes for better chicken.  Anyone that tells you different probably doesn’t cook much.  Unfortunately, free range chicken is expensive. Chicken is expensive on its own, but free range chicken is even more expensive than that.  Why?  Well – there isn’t THAT much demand for it.  Well, that all may now be changing. Rather than endure California style chicken law, producers in Ohio have started negotiating with animal rights activists to get a gradual transition to slightly more human chicken farming.

It’s gonna take a while, but this looks like progress.  Or is it?  I’m interested in what our readers think!