August in Michigan.  For my family it means a trip “up north” (as if north would be anywhere other than up) to a cottage on a lake.  Yes, my friends, a break from the day to day grind of taking care of young children at home, in exchange for a chance to take care of young children in a totally new environment.  Between making sure they don’t drown, frequent applications of sunscreen, and child-proofing a cottage, I’m hoping to find a moment to eat delicious food as well.

Northern Michigan (we will be in the Frankfurt area) offers some, but not many culinary diversions.  Cherry pie at the Cherry Hut is a must.  The best eats come when we charter a fishing boat and catch Great Lakes salmon, which, for lack of a better word, is great.  I will eat every fish I catch — save one which will be wrapped in newspaper and sent to an appropriate villain of my choosing.  The fish I keep will be cleaned, gutted, and then feasted upon.  A couple places will let you BYOF (bring your own fish) and cook it for you any way you like.  I usually walk in, hand them the cooler, and say “blackened, please.”  Or we will fire up the grill and make it at the cottage.  Either way, freshly caught salmon from Lake Michigan is AMAZING.  Add some homemade French fries, cole slaw, a cold craft beer, and a lake view and I will be as close to Shangri-la as you can get while still in Michigan.

It is with a hint of regret, however, that technological limitations will keep me from posting on EP for a week.  It is also with more than a hint of regret that I have decided to allow my teenage cousin, Penelope, to write a guest column or two in my absence.  I shudder to think what will she will say, but hopefully it will be in English with something resembling correct grammar.  I am shuddering again at the thought.  I would like to state in advance that I accept zero responsibility for any posts bearing my name that may appear in the next week.  (No worries, John, I’ve cleared this with the Epic Portions legal department, I bribed them with some cupcakes and they were putty in my hands.)  So farewell for now, I’ll be back soon and hopefully you will enjoy the post(s) in my absence.