Coming Soon to EP


November will soon be upon us, and it is by far the most underrated of all the months.  My favorite holiday — Thanksgiving — awaits at the end of the month, football season gets its mojo in full stride, and who could deny that the glorious Guns N Roses anthem, “November Rain” is the most awesome song to have the name of a month in it? 

November also promises to be a memorable month here at EP.  Here is an appetizer of what we have in the works:

I still haven’t forgotten my promise to give Tios a fair and impartial review.  I’ve just been growing my beard to ZZ Top-esque lengths to avoid recognition.

John and I have been on a health kick of late, and we plan on passing along some of our better recipes and ideas to our loyal readers.  Healthy eats, Epic Portions style…

Speaking of healthy eats, last month John and I were given the VIP treatment at Dominos Corporate HQ.  A post about our exploits is long overdue.

I plan a review of the new Fattoush Grill on Washtenaw Ave, which has the Amityville Horror like distinction of occupying Tios old digs.  Tune in as another white guy voluntarily enters a haunted house.

As fall transitions to winter I will shift my beer focus to Winter Beers.  But not before a post about the greatest Cider known to man or beast.

That is just a small taste, who knows what else is in store?  More celebrity interviews?  More peanut butter sandwiches eaten by John?  Perhaps a new anti-Guy Fieri rant?  Stay tuned, loyal readers, if it happens in the world of food, you will read about it here: off the record, on the qt, and very hush-hush.  (200 cool points to whoever names that movie first!)