North Carolina Part One – Allen & Son Pit BBQ

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If you weren’t aware of our history, Epic Portions was launched by myself, John, and Todd.  I call the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area home, while Todd lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Every so often I get my ass down there for some eating, drinking, and general tomfoolery.  A couple weeks ago was one of those times.  This trip will take multiple posts because quite frankly, we ate and drank ourselves stupid.  I feel like the following picture explains our weekend pretty well for some reason.

Probably my favorite food in North Carolina is the BBQ.  Unlike most other versions, North Carolina has that vinegar based sauce that I wasn’t even familiar with until a few years ago.  This isn’t any Sweet Baby Ray’s bullshit, made with corn syrup and a little bit of high fructrose corn syrup.   This is some real flavor. They save the sugar/sweetner for the sweet tea.  I came home after my last visit, made about a gallon of my own version, and invited a few people over for some North Carolina Style ‘que.   People thought I was crazy.  They wanted Sweet Baby Ray’s.  I politely asked them to leave my apartment.  I  In my opinion, the stuff kills any other kind of ‘que.

My favorite ‘que joint in the area is Allen and Son Pit Cooked BBQ.  It’s a bit of a drive and pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but it’s worth any kind of a drive(or flight) you may have to make.  The building is old and basic, with the interior matching that basic exterior.  If you ask for sweet tea, you’re given a half gallon.  Trust me, I was in a sugar coma for about an hour afterward.  Be careful with this stuff.  It’s Diabetes in a jug.  The plates are large, yet affordable, and the food is  beyond delicious.  I always like to keep it simple and order the BBQ platter with a side of potato salad and slaw, and an order of hush puppys.

In case the sweet tea coma, the BBQ platter, and the puppies weren’t enough for you, there’s also a dessert menu that is absolutely ridiculous.  I’ve never been able to man up enough to get something, but look at this.  Klondike pie? Seriously?