Food vs. Science – Food Wins


Once again, CNN rescues us from our daily doldrums with important news of the world:

(CNN) — It may be an old menu standby to Vietnamese diners, but it’s turned into a smorgasbord of discovery for scientists.

Researchers have identified a previously undocumented species of all-female lizard in the Mekong River delta that can reproduce itself by cloning…

Very cool. People have been eating these lizards forever, but they’ve never been formally known to science.  So scientists run to the scene…

Dr. Lee Grismer and his son, Jesse Grismer, a doctoral candidate, flew all the way to Hanoi and then faced a grueling two-day motorcycle trip out to a restaurant where the owner promised to set aside a stash of the creatures for study.

But there was a little problem, says Grismer.

“Unfortunately, the owner wound up getting drunk, and grilled them all up for his patrons… so when we got there, there was nothing left.”


OH SNAP!  Take THAT science! Booze wins again!  The blogger in me laughs.  The researcher in me cries into my keyboard…