Cheddar Ale Soup

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I wanted to write a little something about how delicious Cheddar Ale Soup is simply because I have had several good bowls of it lately.  I had the idea of doing one of my “way too much information about something you’ve never really wondered about” pieces, but there’s really not much information available on the stuff.  It’s popular in New England and Vermont?  See, not very interesting.

The soup is a perfect blend of creamy and cheesy, without tasting like a bowl of melted cheese with some milk added to it.  Good cheddar ale soup has a perfect blend of cheese, cream and spice creating a subtle, yet rich soup.  When I speak of this perfect blend, Grizzly Peak’s Cheddar ale soup immediately comes to mind.  Their soup is seriously killing the cheese soup game.  During my soup research, I actually found the recipe.  Goldmine.

Grizzly Peak's Cheddar Ale Soup

I’ve been on a Sidetrack soup kick as of late.  For some reason I never really got into their soups and I’m now realizing that was a mistake.  This past Thursday, they just happened to be serving Cheddar ale soup.  A little richer than Grizzly Peak’s, but good nonetheless.  I ate half of the bowl before I realized that I should probably document the experience with a photograph.  That’s what you call a compliment.

Cheddar Ale Soup at Sidetrack Bar & Grill

I end this semi-pointless tribute to Cheddar ale soup by requesting that you comment and tip me on where to go for Cheddar ale soup.  I need more of it.  Please, help.