The Godfather – Man Sandwich.

Ann Arbor, Food Reviews

Dibella’s is a sandwich shop that has a few locations around the New York area, but the owner decided to build one in Ann Arbor.  It also just happens to sit about 2 minutes from where I work.  Every now and then I feel like completely sabotaging any chance of me getting any work done at all and order a Godfather sandwich from them.  What is the Godfather, you ask?

Say hello to Genoa Salami, Capicola, Spicy Ham, Swiss and Provolone cheese, mayo, oil, and hot peppers.  This translates to a beautiful 1600 calories, and 85 grams of fat.   It also translates to one of the better sandwiches ever.   Keep in mind you’re looking at one half of the actual sandwich.

Also, say hello to a man sandwich.  This isn’t some Subway bullshit toasted five dollar foot long, this is a sandwich.  It’s not a Manwich, either.  That’s sloppy Joe’s.  Come on.