Lockhart’s BBQ – Quadruple Bypass

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You may safely add Lockhart’s BBQ in Royal Oak to the list of places that Epic Portions’ fearless staff will be visiting in the next 30 days.  I will personally be devouring the Quadruple Bypass, a 1-pound combo of pulled pork, smoked bacon, smoked sausage, smoked ham and smoked cheddar.  If that wasn’t enough for you it comes with a foil-wrapped Ding Dong on top.  I’ll type that again.  It comes with a foil-wrapped Ding Dong on top.  A DING DONG.  WRAPPED IN FOIL.  ON TOP.  ON TOP OF THE SANDWICH THERE IS A DING DONG.  WRAPPED IN FOIL.

Holy Santa Claus shit.  If this sandwich doesn’t look good to you then you’re a ding dong.  Wrapped in foil.  HAHA!

Quadruple Bypass at Lockhart's BBQ

Thank you to the homie John Clark for mentioning this beauty to me.  No thanks to Craig Indyke for being weird.

That is all.  This blog is getting seriously unprofessional.