Tios Mexican Cafe: A Call to Arms..

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I can’t remember the last time I asked anything of my readers.  Actually, I don’t believe I have ever requested anything of you.  That’s all about to change.  On June 12th, AnnArbor.com will begin the voting for Best Place for Mexican/Southwest Food in their “Best of” series.  I’m not bringing this to your attention because I simply want to promote democracy within the local food community.  I’m dedicating a post to this portion of the series, as well as the next 18 days of my life, for a very important reason that I feel you should pay some attention to.

Tios Mexican Cafe is nominated.

Not only are they nominated, but having won Best Mexican Food in several local publications over the past few years I would say that they are one of the favorites.  The reason for these victories is certainly not attributed to them serving delicious and authentic Mexican food.  To be completely honest with you, it’s because people are stupid.  I can’t think of any other reason why someone would waste their time promoting an establishment that has done everything in their power to destroy Mexican cuisine.  I like to think of Tios as the Kwame Kilpatrick of Mexican food.

In case you are not familiar with my hatred of Tios Mexican Cafe, or if I haven’t done enough in that last paragraph to make you aware already, I urge you to visit the Tios Battle Archives:

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  • If you are completely unfamiliar with the food that is being served at Tios, here is a small preview:

    I urge you to register with AnnArbor.com, if you haven’t already, and aid Epic Portions in this battle to promote quality and authentic Mexican food over “Southwest style” bullshit.  I personally will be voting for La Fuente but if it becomes apparent that another restaurant is leading the pack I will throw my support at them.

    Have you ever wanted to make a difference?  Now is your chance.

    On June 12th, Epic Portions and you will save Mexican food.