Summer Grilling Time


Even though it’s in the high 90’s here in Michigan, that won’t stop me from doing some good old fashion outside cooking.  I know, I know, 100 degrees isn’t much for some of you but here in Michigan where temperatures range from -10 degrees to 110 degrees we get sensitive about our weather.

This past week I decided to attempt my first steak of the summer, along with some corn on the cob(made on the grill, of course), and some German potato salad.  I should point out that the potato salad was made by my good friend Brooke.  It was fantastic.  Normally I am more of a charcoal man, but this particular day we were working with a gas unit.  While a gas grill is more than acceptable, I’m within that group of people that swears by the flavor that charcoal adds to whatever is cooked on top of it.

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