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Over the weekend, I went on a fun filled get away with the family to Toronto.  What started off as a simple family vacation ended up turning into an epic food weekend filled with  poutine, gravy and all of the other delicious cuisine that Canada has to offer.  Seriously though, I gained ten pounds in five days.  I feel as though modern science has not yet developed the technology to explain I could have possibly pulled that one off.  However I did it, I’m assuming the process took about eleven months off of my life.  But you know what?  I’m perfectly OK with that.  You’re about to see why.

Every morning at 8:00 AM we found ourselves at Starbucks so my father could get his daily fix.  Somehow Starbucks has managed to turn a man who didn’t even drink coffee to a Gold Card carrying full blown addict.  After he drank three or four white chocolate mochas we headed to Over Easy, which I can honestly say is one of the best breakfast joints I have ever stepped foot in to.  You find out right away that Over Easy isn’t playing games.  The first thing on their menu, before any of the food options, are Drinks.  I’m talking Mimosas, screwdrivers and any other alcoholic beverage a drunk could dream of.  I personally don’t partake in alcohol this early in the morning, but if you’re one of those people that really likes to take the edge off of.. well, just waking up in the morning, then Over Easy is for you my drunk, hopeless friend.

My favorite thing about Over Easy, other than the fact that they’re trying to get people drunk at breakfast, is the menu selection.  Eggs Benedict, you say?  How about eight different types of Eggs Benedict.  French toast?  An entire section of the menu dedicated to creating as many varieties of it as possible.   These aren’t just your regular, ordinary menu items either. For instance, they have Cajun Chicken Eggs Benedict:

Before you start thinking that’s the best thing available, take a look at the French Toast with Caramel and Bananas:

So right now you’re probably like, “Holy shit John, you ate there twice”?  To which I would respond with no, I did not eat there twice.  I ate there three times.  On my third visit I came across a dish that epitomizes what I look for in the perfect breakfast.  Not only did this make me tear up as I gazed upon the description in the menu, it also gave me the worst fat man sweats I have ever had.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Breakfast Poutine.  Hollandaise sauce, two poaches eggs, bacon, ham and cheese curds all on top of a pile of home fries.  It’s the kind of meal that leaves you breathless, which is the result of the simple beauty or the grease clogging your arteries.  I like to think it’s a combination of both.

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