Tasty’s Caribbean – Toronto, ON

Food Reviews

It has been over a week since I returned from my food vacation in Toronto and I am still getting fat man sweats just thinking about all of the food I ate.  During the trip we visited some of the better restaurants that Toronto had to offer but the place that really stood out was a little joint called Tasty’s Caribbean Take-Out.   It’s owned by a former quality control supervisor for Mercedes who decided that he was going to do one of those “follow your dream” things and get into the food business.  I have to say that I fully support his career change because the man is serving up dreams in the form of Caribbean food packaged in little styrofoam containers.  The meat falls right off of the bone, his sauces are absolutely incredible and his beans and rice are the best I have ever had. 

I can only say that I hope business is plentiful because the man is doing things right.  Cheap, delicious, and simple cuisine. 

Jerk Chicken - Tasty's Caribbean


Curry Chicken - Tasy's Caribbean


Tasty’s Caribbean Take-Out
4 Elm Street (at Yonge St)
Toronto, ON