Keep that fridge stocked for the ladies, fellas!

Beer/Drinks, Funny

I haven’t giggled this hard in a while.  I don’t know how I haven’t seen this, but I guess this is super old (like 2008!).  Mr. Chi City’s fantastic guide to making women comfortable when they come back to your place.  “Even when they bring they kids!”

Watch until the end for this gem:

…oh yeah, one more thing.  To the makers of kool aid, would you niggas stop putting the juice all the way to the top?!  Cause when I twist the motherfucking cap, the shit explodes like a goddamn grenade.   Then I got blue juice all over my white carpet.  Look, I appreciate you trying to give me as much juice for the value, but look – put the juice down here and I won’t miss it.  I mean these motherfuckers are like 5 for a dollar.  Thank you.

Tears.  Truth. (NSFW/language)