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I’ll admit, I’ve never seen one of these.  Nor have I read anything about them.  However, that former-physics-student part of me really wonders if a solar BBQ could cook a hot dog in under 203840983 hours.

Solar BBQ is Crazy


And for 299 Euros!? PLUS 20% VAT tax!? (Of course this is at BHV [Le Bazaar de Hotel de Ville] a shop whose prices make Nordstrom’s look like TJ Maxx). Good gracious – that’s nearly $540! You could buy a New Gas Grill and offset your lifetime carbon emissions from grilling (along with your family’s) 10x over for less moolah that that. But it’s still kinda swank…eh?

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So the first week in Paris, we discovered the most gangsta’ falafel place ever (sorry, been re-watching many, many episodes of HBO’s critically acclaimed series “The Wire” lately).  Holy moly.  I’m too lazy to write a whole new post for this – so just check out the much-better-review-than-I-would-have-written on my lady’s blog:

Bunk: "When it comes to falafel, every man needs a code." Omar: "Indeed"

Good gracious!  I’ve already been there 5 times in 3 weeks!

L’as du Fallafel
34, Rue des Rosiers
75004 Paris
+33 (0)1 48 87 63 60 ‎

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Moving to Paris

by Todd on June 15, 2011 · 1 comment

So when John and I started this blog, we thought it would be sort of cool to put up food stories and perspectives from different towns in Michigan and North Carolina.

Well, I’m moving. To Paris. It’s only temporary (6 months), but it’s still going to be awesome and I’m going to eat a lot of butter.

"France is Bacon" Todd's stomach

You can follow all my wacky antics here on and those of my fiance on her new blog – The Hungry Butterfly.  I’m going to eat.  She is going to cook.

In fact, she is going to cook very, very well since she is now a student at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, the most famous cooking school in the world, and the alma mater of Julia Child, Mario Batali, and my nerdy grillin’ hero, Steve Raichlen.  She’s getting a culinary diploma – 9 hours a day, 6 days a week.  I will be standing outside with a fork, knife, bib, and camera.  So Stay Tuned!

P.S. Image stolen from one of my favorite blogs – the Map Room.

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