Atwater Brewery – Dirty Blonde


From the desks of Simon-in-five-TV…


While “batching it” this past weekend I had a chance to pop into the Atwater Brewery in Detroit at 237 Jos Campau…almost to the river off Jefferson just a couple of blocks north of downtown proper and across from the Ratlesnake club. Besides being in the gritty warehouse district, this hometown gem of a micro-brewery is in a very cool old building and is quite an experience…very cool. They have many seasonal choices as well as their normal offerings but I elected to go with my fave, Dirty Blonde…imagine that!!

This beer is one of the seasonals and is made with unmalted wheat, coriander and orange peel…not having the pallet of a micro-brew-geek I cannot say I would be able to identify these ingredients by drinking it, but this beer is fantastic. It kind of makes Oberon sit back and wish it was born in the City of Detroit!…oooooh, no I didn’t!!

I think beer is meant to be tasted not only by the mouth but also by the location and the company you are in…in this case I was enjoying a bit of peace by myself, talking some smack with the bartender and just taking in the history of the area. That said, that one pint of summertime in a glass was worth the stop…you won’t be disappointed.