KFC Double Down Sandwich


It’s been a while since I visited thisiswhyyourefat.com, primarily because I’ve been attempting to shed a few pounds.  It’s not good for me to be gazing upon the food I would like to be eating while eating a Healthy Choice dinner.  Blegh.  I feel like I’m in food prison.   Upon visiting today, I was quickly reminded why I feel in love.

4 words.  If you consider “KFC” to be a word.  If not, 3 letters and 3 words…

KFC. Double. Down. Sandwich.

Two pieces of bacon and two slices of cheese smothered with the Colonel’s Sauce with two fried chicken patties as buns.

I would do things to this sandwich that are illegal in 17 states.



Wait.  This is an actual menu item?  The possibility exists that I could eat this for lunch???   Updates will follow after I try and find one.

from Foodgeekery


another update..

Just called KFC’s corporate hotline and they gave me no further information and my local KFC does not carry it.  GAHH!!