Meatini/Serial Killer


I’m a fan of when people decide to take it upon themselves to build random objects and/or structures out of bacon.  It’s just great fun for the whole family.  Today,  I’m browsing the internet, and I come across the Meatini, which is a martini glass made out of bacon with scrambled eggs inside.  The first word that comes to my mind is, “Genius”.  Take a look, and I dare you to think otherwise:


I took it upon myself to find out what genius decided to create this.  Surely it was a student at Yale or perhaps Harvard, or  a past Nobel Prize winner.  What I found horrified me.  This beautiful creation was made by a serial killer with a dangerously inappropriate shirt on.   Don’t believe me?  I have proof.

Looking batshit nuts crazy el loco insane in the membrane:



And if that wasn’t enough, the guy kidnapped someone’s child and is force feeding it meat with some strange woman:



I pray for this child’s safety and hope the proper authorities recover her soon so that she may be re-united with her family.  If you have an information on her wherabouts, please contact your local authorities.