Metro Detroit’s Best Pizza

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Detroit is full of great food, and it’s nice to hear some recognition that isn’t talking about Kwame Kilpatrick macking some beotches, or people laundering money from the public school system.  GQ magazine recently rated Detroit the number 3 best pizza city in the U.S., only behind New York and San Francisco.

3. Detroit. No city has more consistently satisfying pies than Detroit. No city executes its particular style, in this case the square Sicilian, as flawlessly as Detroit. Hard to go wrong wherever you eat, although a hopeless local peculiarity is burying the pepperoni under the sauce.

To follow that up, The Detroit Free Press compiled a list of the 25 best pizza joints in Detroit.  Tops was Supino Pizzeria, which isn’t much of a surprise at all.  This place makes lovingly crafted, dare i say artisanal, pizzas that can stand up with some of the best in the country.   The Dough is perfect, paper thin (5mm, i kid you not), crisp with a bit of chew, and a few char marks on the bottom.  The sauce is a perfect balance of flavors and just melds all the other ingredients together.  Toppings are all first class and fresh.  You can just taste the love and care.

Supino Pizzeria's Bismarck pizza with fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, tomato sauce and a sunnyside egg

Supino Pizzeria's Bismarck pizza with fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, tomato sauce and a sunnyside egg

Also included is Buddy’s Pizza, which is a Detroit institution.  The pizza here is on my short list of last meal requests, should I ever happen to end up on death row – no joke.  If Detroit had a “style” of pizza, than Buddy’s would likely be its poster child.  The unique blend of cheeses, spicy/sweet sauce and it’s thick, crunchy Sicilian style crust make Buddy’s a must visit for anyone who likes pizza and is in the Detroit area.


Buddy's incredible cheesy, crunchy crust

A choice that was shocking to me was Aubree’s Pizza, which is literally 3 minutes away from my front door in Depot Town(Ypsilanti).  They are for sure serving up some delicious pizza, calzones, and other menu items but I would be hesitant to say that they have some of the best pizza in Metro Detroit.  They are located directly across the street from Sidetrack Bar & Grill, which makes it difficult to chose pizza over some of the most delicious food and beer in the area.  I will say that they have a huge amount of topping options for your pizza which always makes for an interesting visit.

Aubree's sausage, mushroom and pepperoni pizza

Aubree's sausage, mushroom and pepperoni pizza

Unfortunately, no where around here sells  a Tandori Chicken Pizza, so I’m going to need Bear Silber to freeze one and mail it to me right away.