Putting the ‘Phu’ in FUN!


If you don’t love Phu, then you either 1) haven’t heard of it, 2) are allergic, or 3) need to get your freakin’ priorities in order.  Phu (pronounced “Fuh,” rhyming with “Uhh…this is goddamn delicious!”) is a vietnamese beef broth soup served piping hot, which contains thinly sliced meat and rice noodles.   The meat selection (not necessarily always beef) usually includes your choice of brisket, flank steak, eye-round steak, and tripe, as well as knuckle, cartilage, and other interesting cow bits. The Phu in the photos here included flank steak and brisket, and came with a giant basket of fresh basil, lime, jalapeno peppers, and sprouts (the big ones you often find in pad thai).  Oh yeah – and fish sauce and Sriracha – choose your destiny.

Brisket and Flank steak Phu.  The runny nose soup.  HOT HOT HOT!

Sriracha and Jalapenos, oh my!

Sriracha and Jalapenos, oh my!

One note – this is the REGULAR size bowl.  I miserably failed previous attempts to take out the big bowl.

Defeated.  Tears for two more days.

Defeated. Tears for two more days.

However, in my own defense – I watched two big fat business men also fail to demolish the biggun – and they didn’t even add the heat!  Made me feel better. Make sure to observe all those Jalapenos and note that I put half a bottle of sriracha.  The remaining Phu was good for another tear-filled lunch and a half.  Did I mention all of this was $5.50?