Volcano Nachos – Taco Bell

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For some reason today I felt the need the try Taco Bell’s new Volcano Nachos (edit: i have since been reminded that Stephanie told me to get these.  i apologize.). Volcano sauce will always have a special place in my heart because, well.. I got to meet the people who developed it. I had heard that they were planning on expanding the menu and assumed nachos would be the next step. What’s easier than taking a menu item that already and exists and dumping sauce on it? Personally, I would have gone with my Volcano quesadilla, but I can understand why Taco Bell would want to save such a delicious creation for later usage.  I still believe that quesadillas are the Arizona Cardinals of the Taco Bell menu.  Underrated.


As for the Volcano Nachos, I have to say they were pretty bleh.  I think they went a little too far with these guys.  Just a bit too much going on here.  On top of the regular tortilla chips(no red coloring here), you get beef, beans, cheese, red tortilla strips, volcano sauce, cheese, jalapenos and sour cream.  That’s a whole lot of shit for some nachos.  The first thing that concerned me is why they decided to put tortilla strips on top of tortilla chips?  Seemed pretty useless to me.  Also, why is there Volcano sauce and nacho cheese?  The whole creation lost me a little bit.  It was also difficult to eat because of all the crap piled on.  Normally,  I am a huge fan of different foods piled on top of each other, but this was an exception.

I’m usually a pretty big fan of new Taco Bell menu items.  They frequently do admiral job of mixing things up to offer fresh product.  I have to say that they failed miserably this time.  These nachos will cost you $3.79, but it probably makes more sense to everyone to simply order the Nachos Bel Grande for $2.59 and add Volcano Sauce for an extra $.30.  This gets you the same exact thing without tortilla strips or jalapenos for a almost a buck cheaper.  It’s a similar deal to the Volcano burrito, which you can get for $1.50 cheaper if you simply order a cheesy double beef burrito with Volcano sauce.


This isn’t a “shame on you” to Taco Bell, but it is a promise that I will never order these again.  Thankfully, this particular meal was saved by an old favorite — Pintos & Cheese, or as I like to call it.. Bowl o’ Slop.