Worst Shots Ever – Mulligan’s Bar and Restaurant – Cheboygan, MI

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Oh lordie. It’s not every day that you come across the type of sadistically creative brainpower necessary to craft really, really bad drinks. Then came the good folks at Mulligan’s – an up-beat bar and grill in the small, northern Michigan town of Cheboygan (Pop. 5,295).

Not good at golf? Don’t want to play but miss the embarrassment, anger and lighter wallet that comes with shooting a crappy round?   Then follow the wisdom of Golf Legend John Daly, and head on over to Mulligan’s and take a whole bunch of shots. The following is quoted directly from the menu.  Trust me, I could (and would) never expose the world to these kind of alcoholic travesties [and awful innuendo]:

Here’s 18 punishing shots for all 18 gruesome holes.

#1 Mulligan: Gin, cream and a pickled jalapeño. Hey…we saw that. Try again.
#2 In the Woods: Peach Schnapps & ketchup. Forget finding your ball…find a toilet.
#3 Duck Hook: Jaegermeister & warm olive juice. You’ll be veering left too…righty.
#4 Wiffer: Coconut rum & Tabasco. The penalty for missing altogether.
#5 Wrong Hole: Kahlua & Mountain Dew. It’s green, but the wrong green.
#6 Sand Trap: Salt, pepper & scotch. Gritty…and you’ll regret it.
#7 Water Hazard: Just water. Or is it? Take a drop.
#8 Beaver Divot: Crème de Cacao & tomato juice. Remember to replace it.
#9 The Shank: Beer, wine and milk. Your shot was bad. This one’s worse.
#10 Stinger: Rumplemintz and clam juice. Ouch…that hurt.
#11 In and Out: Bitters and Kahlua. Almost…keep it in the hole here.
#12 FORE!!!: The house’s secret recipe. Watch out!…and sign the release form.
#13 Worm Burner: Cinnamon Schnapps & Bloody Mary Mix. Need more loft?
#14 Triple Bogey: Three ingredients the bartender picks. It pays to tip well.
#15 Tree Knocker: Dry Vermouth and Apple Pucker. Don’t say you meant to do that.
#16 Snowman: Grapefruit juice, bitters and Jaegermeister. Great #%$~ shot!
#17 Fried Egg: Milk, 151, and 99 Bananas…Make sure you follow though!
#18 The 18th Hole: Hot Sauce & Galliano. You’ve choked on the last 17, why stop now?

Our suggestion? Instead of wagering your hard earned money at the links, come to Mulligan’s and
make your buddies pay for losing in a whole new way.   Shoot all 18 and get your
free Bad Shot glass, a Mulligan’s Bad Shot shirt, and you become a Mulligans Legend!

Now – all shots are $2.50 according to the menu.  Question – $2.50 each, or $2.50 for all of them..together?  How much would you pay for this kind of pain?

320 North Main Street
Cheboygan, MI 49721