eBay: Bizarre and Unusual Penis Shaped Chicken Nugget


Just in case you have $26 that you wanted to throw in the trash, I encourage you to follow this link instead.  For that $26 you can have a chicken nugget shaped like a penis instead!  What an incredible opportunity.  The bidding is actually over now, but some genius dropped the $26 and an additional $3 for the shipping of this edible weiner.  It’s moment like these that make me proud to be an American.  I’m going to go listen to some John Cougar Mellencamp now.


Bizarre and Unusual Penis Shaped Chicken Nugget


Just in case your dreams were smashed when this bidding ended, I have found more penis shaped food for you.  I got your back.


Penis shaped Cheese Doodle
Current bid – $2.99


Penis shaped chicken nugget (stretching it a bit)
Opening bid – $5.00