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After a rough couple of days filled with exams and work, I am back with something very special.  I had a few people over for the Michigan vs. Michigan State game this past weekend, and decided that I was going to cook.  Actually, not just cook, but go all out.  It’s been a while since I actually threw something together that isn’t fajitas, or spaghetti.  A week or so ago, I shared with you one of the most beautiful creations I have ever seen, the Timpano.  I’ve been trying to shed some of the pounds that this damn blog has added to my frame, so food like this has literally become pornography for me.  It just so happens that as of this week I have lost 20 pounds, so it became time to waste all of the hard work that I have put in.  The Timpano was on.

I first saw one of these one The Food in my Beard.  That guy makes this entire thing from scratch.  I’m just not that motivated.  Most of what you see here is store bought.

First, I rolled out a puff pastry and lined the bottom of a pan with it.  Make sure you put plenty of butter along the bottom or this thing isn’t coming out.


Next, it was time to start cooking.  You’re looking at chicken, meatballs cooking in marinara, two types of pasta(rigatoni with white sauce, spaghetti with marinara), and mozzarella sticks are out of site in the oven.


I wanted to make chicken parm, but like an idiot I forgot to pick up bread crumbs.  Instead I seasoned the hell out of the chicken and drudged it in flour to give a little bit of crisp.


The meatballs were frozen store bought, but cooking them in a good red sauce makes them VERY tasty.  I wouldn’t ever recommend cooking these guys in the oven.


Time to start layering.  Started off with the rigatoni with the white sauce.  Once you finish cooking this in the oven and dump it out of the pan, this is going to be your top layer.  Make sure you are pressing down on the top of each layer.


Next I lined the meatballs up on top of the rigatoni.  Like a real genius I forgot to get it on camera until I had begun adding the spaghetti.  The spaghetti goes on top of the meatballs.  See?


After the layer of spaghetti I threw on the mozzarella sticks.  I would never make a Timpano without these.  Man they were tasty.


Next I added the chicken breasts and realized that my layering was off.  Whoops!  Better luck next time.  I also threw on a few slices of provolone.  Why not?


Another sheet of rolled puff pastry, and this thing is done.


Cut some slits in the top and into the oven for about an hour on 375 degrees.


I have no words for what you are about to see.





This thing was incredible.  See all that white gooeyness at the bottom?  That’s mozarella sticks and provolone melted over chicken.  I really think you could stuff anything inside of this and it would be delicious.