Tios. Torn Down. Part 2

by John on December 29, 2009 · 1 comment

For some reason, AnnArbor.com has continued their coverage of the recent destruction of Tios’ old location.  In response, I will continue my coverage of Tios’ destruction of Mexican food.  This place is a disgrace and this event should be celebrated.  The only sad thing about this is Tios was allowed to relocate and still remains in business.  Until people realize how bad this food is and visit the many respectable Mexican joints in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area, I will continue my smear campaign.

Actually, I will make this promise.   If Tios decides to stop serving yellow cheese in their establishment I will visit and do a full review on their food.  I will not be biased, and will give whatever they serve me an honest chance.  The choice is up to you, Tios.  If you continue to destroy my favorite food in the entire world, I will continue to talk mad smacky McSmackerson about your business.

I really want to hear from you.  I know you’re aware of what I’m saying.  Check out Google Images and see if anything looks familiar.  Stop using yellow cheese, and I promise you a full review and possibly an apology for what I’ve said about you in the past.


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