Special K Bar Cereal

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I love me some cereal.  The only bad part is I can’t keep it around long enough to enjoy it for more than two days.  When I buy it I usually have multiple bowls per day until the whole box is gone.  With all the good cereal being ridiculously expensive these days, I have to resort to drastic measures when I’m in between boxes.

Last night, I had a cereal craving like you wouldn’t believe.  I had just finished by box of Blueberry Muffin Frosted Mini Wheats, and I needed a bowl of something covered in milk.  I ransacked my pantry looking for ANYTHING that I could use.  All of a sudden, a light bulb appeared over my head.  It was crazy.  I found a box of Special K bars.  You know, the ones with fruit mixed in and icing on the bottom?  I broke a few up, put them in a bowl, and covered them in milk.  I gotta say, this fulfilled my craving to the second power.  I wouldn’t not recommend that you try this at home.

Update: I’ve since been notified that Special K now makes a Fruit & Yogurt cereal, but trust me it’s not as good as this.  I didn’t even know that stuff existed at the time, so I’m still excited.

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