Beer Madness, Elite Eight

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We started out with 64, and now there are only eight beers left.  The empties of the first 56 are strewn about like leftovers from a house party, except at this house party the guests brought Natty Light and Boddingtons.  For those of you who have expressed concern about the condition of my liver, I’m happy to report that my health plan with Epic Portions allows one trip to the Mayo Clinic every year.  I’ll be there as soon as this is over for a little R and R, and to take some time off beer.  Only whiskey for one week straight.  Woo-hoo!

American Macrobrew:

(1) Blue Moon over (4) Coors Banquet

Who ever thought Coors would make it this far?  Wins over High Life, Bud Light and Coors so far for Blue Moon.  What happens when it has to take on a real beer?

(3) Budweiser American Ale over (10) Rolling Rock

And so the run ends for Rolling Rock; just like Coors it did well to make it this far.  Bud’s American Ale has the distinct advantage of actually tasting like beer.

So, for the championship of the American Macrobrew category, we have:

(1) Blue Moon vs. (3) Budweiser American Ale


It has taken awhile but we have whittled this group down to two pretty decent beers.  Blue Moon’s faux Belgian style versus Budweiser’s attempt at creating a real beer.  Try this one at home, dear readers, you might be pleasantly surprised.


Vítězství Pilsner Urquell!!

(5) Hoegaarden over (1) Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle is a great beer, no question.  But to survive this group, you’ve got to bring something special, and Hoegaarden has that in spades.  The hint of coriander puts it over the top.

(2) Pilsner Urquell over (6) Bass Ale

The original pilsner over a pale ale?  I usually love pale ales, but the smooth finish of Pilsner Urquell makes it a truly special beer.

Setting up an amazing championship battle for the European bracket:

(2) Pilsner Urquell vs. (5) Hoegaarden


What can I say?  This one is wide open, but there is no loser here, to be certain.  Czech Republic vs. Belgium for the European championship.  Forget UEFA, I can honestly say without hyperbole that this is the greatest matchup in European history.

American Microbrew:

(9) Red Hook Long Hammer IPA over (5) Sam Adams Winter Lager

The hoppy punch of Red Hook outduels the flavorful Winter Lager.  Sam is gone from the competition, but not after a solid showing.

(3) Anchor Steam over (7) Bell’s Amber

After ousting some really amazing beers, Bell’s Amber bows out to Anchor in a razor close battle that went into overtime.

The great American Microbrew category closes with mad hops:

(3) Anchor Steam vs. (9) Red Hook Long Hammer IPA


West coast, baby, this is NWA versus Tupac.  The smooth flavor of Anchor Steam battles the citrus hops of Red Hook’s IPA.

International Macrobrew:

(4) Negra Modelo over (1) Red Stripe

Red Stripe is a nice light lager but loses out to a more flavorful beer.  Overall popularity be damned, Modelo Dark is just a better beer.

(6) Dos Equis over (7) Moosehead Lager

Moosehead falls short against Dos Equis, not even watching a hockey game while drinking it could save the Canadian Lager.

International Macrobrew comes down to an all Mexico battle:

(4) Negra Modelo vs. (6) Dos Equis

Wow…this will be fun and must be fought over a glorious, authentic Mexican meal.  Sounds like a trip to La Fuente or Los Amigos is in order for this battle.

We are now on the cusp of the final four, the winners of each category will be anxious to take each other on.  Results will be ready early next week.