Fractured Prune – Donuts-gone-Krazy

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My girlfriend’s parents live in Rockville, Maryland; you know…that place where Lewis Black woke up in front of a courthouse, married to a woman he’d never met three days after having chugged a bottle of NyQuil [2:25 in the video].

The Fractured Prune is a random little donut shoppe nestled into the new, massive Rockville TownCenter development…just up the street from the same courthouse!  Although it’s part of a chain in the Northeastern U.S., this place feels seriously local.  I think this comes from the fact that they make your donut on demand.  That’s right – you can order off the ridiculously extensive donut menu or make up your own donut however you see fit.  This time they were running slow (understaffed) and threw in an extra donut for free!  This was the 2nd time this happened!

Think I’m kidding you?!  You’re wrong.  Behold their speciality donuts – or you can make your own:

  • Banana Nut Bread: banana glaze, cinnamon sugar, peanuts
  • Black Forest: raspberry glaze, coconut, mini chocolate chips
  • Blueberry Hill: blueberry glaze, powder sugar (Find Your Thrill)
  • Carnival: honey glaze, rainbow sprinkles
  • Creamsicle: orange glaze, powdered sugar
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry: cherry glaze, mini chocolate chips
  • French Toast: maple glaze, cinnamon sugar
  • Lemonade: lemon glaze, granulated sugar
  • Morning Buzz: mocha glaze, Oreo® cookie crumbs
  • Myrna Medley: chocolate glaze, chocolate jimmies, peanuts
  • Ms. Prunella: mixed berry glaze, cinnamon sugar
  • O.C. Sand: honey glaze, cinnamon sugar
  • Pebble Beach: honey glaze, cinnamon sugar, mini chocolate chips
  • Peppermint Patty®: mint glaze, mini chocolate chips
  • Plain Jane: a naked donut (don’t peek)
  • Rolo®: caramel glaze, mini chocolate chips
  • Reese Cup®: peanut butter glaze, mini chocolate chips
  • Strawberry Shortcake: strawberry glaze, graham cracker, powdered sugar
  • Sundae: honey glaze, peanuts, mini chocolate chips
  • Trail Mix: banana glaze, nuts, coconut, chocolate jimmies


I got the Rolo – Caramel Glaze and mini Chocolate Chips.  Still piping hot out of the fryer, this puppy was gone in about .045234 seconds.  It was good.  Very good.  Like…so good it makes you angry.  Angry that you don’t have another one.


To summarize: the Fractured Prune is one of those rare places where I seriously considered locking the doors, jumping across the counter, strong arming the staff, and gorging myself on endless donuts until the police found me in a sugar-induced coma next to the fryer.  Instead, the savvy workers anticipated the inevitable ‘twinkie-defense’ and just gave me a free donut for not getting too physical on the premises.  Hats off.

Rockville Town Square
39-A Maryland Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850