Man v. Pseudo-Mexican Slop


Sometimes a crime is so heinous, so unspeakably monstrous that it needs to be called out again and again and again.  Allow me to set aside my usual anti Guy Fieri rants to join in the chorus against Man v. Food’s appalling choice of location in Ann Arbor.

Tios?!?!?!?!  Are you fucking serious?  I don’t give a shit that Adam Richman probably has some research hack choosing his places to eat, it’s his show and this idiotic abomination is on him.  It’s like someone ran a meth lab out of his basement.  Sorry pal, you are culpable.

I engaged in a back and forth on facebook with one of our readers where we speculated on Adam’s choice.  I hoped he would eat the Suicide Wings at my favorite wing location, Mr. Spots.  The reader suggested Bomber, which would have left much amusement if he lost the challenge because John conquered that one. 

As for the real choices, no argument with Blimpy, although since Fieri was there it wouldn’t have hurt to try somewhere new.  Now you just look like Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives bitch for going there, so tell us how that feels Man v. Food?  You like being Guy Fieri’s bitch?

I won’t argue with the choice of Maize and Blue Deli.  I’m a fan and have been since I first ate there in 1993.  I still rank Zingerman’s and Amer’s higher but no problem with Maize and Blue.  Solid deli with amazing sandwiches. 

But Tios?  Holy shit is that embarrassing.  Anyone who has even the slightest idea of what authentic Mexican food is can recognize Tios for being the half-assed poseurs that they are.  John and I can argue until we are blue in the face about whether La Fuente or Los Amigos is better, but one thing we can agree on:  Tios sucks on a truly epic level.  For further info I refer you to my favorite of John’s award winning Tios posts.

And I don’t want to hear any of this “Tios is ranked best Mexican” or some other whiny, idiotic bullshit like that.  The fact that Tios has won that award speaks volumes about Ann Arbor’s lack of decent Mexican restaurants.  Sorry Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti owns you as far as Mexican is concerned.  You have to stretch credibility, but since Prickly Pear calls itself a “Southwestern Café” I will call it best in Ann Arbor.  Certainly better than Sabor Latino.  Would anyone argue against that?  Prickly Pear’s dumpster leavings blow away Tios.

My level of outrage over this has surprised me.  Adam Richman, I thought you were cool.   Isn’t there a game show for you to host?  You might as well put some backward sunglasses on and spike and dye your hair.  Loser.

As an addendum to this, since I have not officially reviewed Tios yet I vow to visit sometime within the next month and give it a fair, impartial review.  I haven’t eaten at Tios in over 10 years, so in the interest of fairness I will make another attempt.  Ugh.  It’s been a while since EP went into the belly of the beast, and I will take one for the team and give it another try.

Also, I am back from my trip to Philadelphia, which was quite solid.  I plan a muti-part post on Philly dining and my road trip there and back in the future in a segment called:  Jeremy Eats the Road (not literally).