Nachos – Salsa’s in Asheville, North Carolina

Food Reviews, North Carolina

A few months ago I told a few food stories about my time visiting Todd in North Carolina.  I never really got to share all of the pictures I took because we ate enough to feed a damn army.  I thought I would save them for times I felt inspired by something that related to a specific picture.  The first inspiration happened last night.

I was on Google last night searching around for any local food news that I should be aware of.  Everything was going pretty well until something popped up that I hadn’t paid much attention to lately..

Mount Nacheesmo.

As you can tell, I have taken a break from ripping Tios Mexican Cafe apart on a monthly basis.  It’s not because I have given up my quest to rid the world of the worst resturaunt of all time, it’s just that I’ve tried to direct my attention to more positive things such as double decker cheeseburgers, TupTim and gigantic burritos.  It’s really helped with my quality of life.

Trying to stay positive, I remembered back to my trip to Salsa’s in Ashville, North Carolina where I was served what I believe to be the best nachos ever.  Crispy corn chips layered and topped with Vidalia onions, beans, curry verde sauce, fontina cheese, sour cream, chicken, and two salsas.  After it was brought to the table it was also topped with tears because I cried like a little bitch.

I honestly feel like going to Wikipedia and changing whatever picture they have for their Nachos entry to this.  Those are nachos.  If you ever make nachos you should strive to make your nachos as close to that as possible.  That picture should be your nachos blueprint.  If you’re not making nachos like that, consider it an epic nacho fail.