In Brugge!



So, again, I’ve been very, very lazy and haven’t been posting much about my ongoing European trip. The latest trip was to Bruges, Belgium to attend a wedding. Check out my lady friend’s post about our phenomenal eating experiences.

Bruges is very interesting. Well, Belgium in general is interesting. It’s a country about half the size of Michigan, with two different official languages in the different Walloon and Flanders parts of the Country – French and Flemish, respectively. In Bruges, they speak Flemish. Because only about 3 million people in the world speak Flemish, they all also speak INCREDIBLY good english, making it a breeze to get around and chat with folks.

Kriek - the Perfect Marriage!

The last stop we hit up in Bruges was pretty much the greatest beer store in the world (Bacchus Cornelius).  Here, I picked up a ton of different kinds of Gueuze and Kriek, which are normally very, very expensive in the U.S. when you can even find them.   These are very unique, Lambic-based beers that are only made around Brussels using wild yeast fermentation.

These Kriek’s were beautiful – very subtle sour cherry hints to the sourness of the Lambics.  Pretty awesome – and I learned to pour fast to create lots of Mousse!