Guy Fieri Makes it too Easy


I’ll be honest, I follow Guy Fieri on Twiter.  It’s not because I’m interested in all things Guy Fieri.  It’s so I can reply to every Tweet I see from him with “shut up.”   Call it chidlish, but I challenge you to follow the guy and not think the exact same thing in your head.  I’m just doing my part.

In Guy’s most recent Tweet, he felt the need to let Ryan Seacrest know that he was looking forward to doin his show tomorrow, and how kewl it will be.  Seriously, when was the last time anyone said “kewl”?   Why does he say Hey RS, then include @RyanSeacrest right after it?  Any Why is Guy Fieri sending his Tweets VIA text?????  Does Guy Fieri not own a cell phone that supports a Twitter app?  I’m so confused.