Fourth of July Musings


Is there anything worse than spam?  Be it the culinary version, or the kind that has been assaulting EP, few things are more loathsome than spam.  On that note, our comment feature has been modified for the time being.  It seems our spam filter is having problems because insurance, cialis, and whatever other crap the moronic spammers are into these days have been getting through.  Until we get this figured out, all comments go to us for approval.  I want to reiterate to all EP readers, we do not believe in censorship.  We will approve every legitimate comment that goes through.  If you doubt this, check out comments on our posts.  We have been verbally assaulted on more occasions than I can remember.  And not just from the Guy Fieri mafia.  Hopefully this minor inconvenience will be rectified soon.  If I felt eating Spam and eggs would help, I would do it.  On that note, is there a reader out there that actually likes Spam?  If you do, please share.  If something seems appetizing I’ll give it a shot…now to the random musings.

I can’t think of a better culinary topic on the Fourth of July than corn on the cob.  On the grill or in the oven (I refuse to boil corn on the cob) has to be the way to go.  Not too long ago, I started cooking or grilling it while still in the husk.  For me, there is no other way.  The husk keeps the moisture in and steams the corn.  It is perfect every time.  30 minutes in a 375° oven, give it a few minutes to cool and dig in.

When did putting grapes in chicken salad become commonplace and why is this still tolerated?

Chicken salad with grapes, served in a glass on a bed of lettuce. Wrong on so many levels.

Speaking of salad, potato salad can really surprise you sometimes.  I was at a BBQ last weekend and the host, who used to cook at the now defunct Cottage Inn Café on Washtenaw Avenue (moment of silence, please) made a potato salad that had capers in it, and it was quite good.  Normally I have no use for capers.  I’ve got to get his recipe; beyond chicken piccata I had no idea capers could be delicious.

I broke down and bought a gas grill last year.  I know, grilling enthusiasts, charcoal is the way to go, but the simplicity of gas has proven valuable.  I grill far more often with the gas grill than I did on my Weber.  But today I ran out of propane before my burgers were finished.  I cried out “NOOOOOOOOOO” to the heavens.  Score another point for charcoal.

Fourth of July food discussion can’t be complete without mentioning beer.  I tried Michelob’s Hop Hound at a party this weekend, as it was either that or Bud Light.  Review to come sometime later this week…

Why is Poochie the rockin' dog on this beer bottle? Tune in later this week to find out!

As long as we are talking about beer, I love a good Hefeweizen but if I can taste banana in my beer I am going to switch to something else.  Unless it is Bud Light Golden Wheat.

Did anyone else see this picture of Cookie Monster with the hot Russian spy chick? 

Cookie Monster with hot redhead Russian spy. Seems like our old friend is doing pretty well for himself since retiring.

Looks like CM has been living an interesting life since he retired.  Perhaps he’ll send us another letter someday…

And even though John hates soccer, one World Cup comment.  If Netherlands wins the World Cup, the greatest party in history will be in Amsterdam.  I would do unspeakable things to be there on that night.

Dutch soccer fans. Makin' orange look gooooood.