Garbage Casserole

Fat Foods, My Recipes

Shaya and I were sitting around the other day feeling extremely lazy when hunger struck.  This particular hunger was inspired by multiple episodes of Epic Meal Time, which is probably the greatest food related thing to happen to the internet in quite some time.  This was quite the dilemma because both of us needed to eat, yet neither of us felt motivated enough to get up or even put on shoes.  The solution to this problem was to pick apart her depleted pantry and make a disgusting delicious combination of whatever we found.

Hash Browns – Cooked with bacon fat and sauteed garlic.  Sturdy base layer.

Bacon – Cooked normally.  Bacon doesn’t need any help.  Layered over top of the hash browns.

Chicken breast – Soaked in a brine, seasoned with Old Bay and other randoms, cooked, shredded.  Placed on top of bacon.

Kraft Mac and Cheese – Added more cheese and Sriracha.  Placed on top of chicken breast.

Bread Crumbs – Very top layer.

More cheese – Just for the hell of it.  On top of bread crumbs.

Like I said, the pantry was a little depleted and we were feeling damn lazy.  All of this was placed into a large bowl and cooked at 350.  The result was one of the fattest, most delicious things I have ever tasted.